About Us

At Soltera Solar, we are passionate about our mission to provide high-performing, cost-effective, environmentally responsible solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

With broad experience in executing projects of all sizes and specifications in the residential, commercial, and real estate sectors, Soltera Solar has the solar solution for you.

wide array of solar energy services


We know your business is important to you.

That’s why we make it our business to help your business grow.

Expand your bottom line
Increase environmentally-friendly energy output.
Remain as productive as ever.

We begin by thoroughly evaluating your business’ utility output, solar capability, and the financial options and benefits of installing a solar system. Then, we hold your hand as we guide you through the options and processes. After installation, we ascertain that you are receiving the maximum benefit your system has to offer you.

To provide high-performing, cost-effective, environmentally responsible solutions.

We strive to assist businesses in truly going green by maximizing the opportunities to bring down energy costs, increasing revenue, and becoming environmentally friendly. That’s a great deal of green.

Maximize your business’s solar capability.

We are with you from beginning to end.